Thursday, August 30, 2012

Putting Your Intention into Action - Iyanla Vanzant

Iyanla Vanzant has been helping people around the planet for many years. She has appeared as a host Life Coach on the NBC Daytime Drama, Starting Over (2004-2006); Iyanla, her own daytime talk show (2001-2002) produced by Barbara Walters and Billy Getty. She was also a recurring guest on Oprah (1998-1999) as part of the Change Your Life Faculty, and Oprah's Life Class (2011-present) - from

In November 2012, Iyanla will be a part of Celebrate Your Life 10th Anniversary, Sacred Pilgrimage.  At this pilgrimage (in Sedona AZ), 300+ attendees will come together for 3 days of spiritual growth and personal development.  The finale of the weekend is with Iyanla, and her workshop is called: Putting Your Intention into Action. Every person attending will have created a "Scared Intention" before the weekend begins.  These intentions have been documented and saved for everyone. They will be the foundation and direction for each individual's journey. Iyanla will lead everyone through soul searching exercises of powerful self-examination. Four levels of being will be looked at: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical, in order to facilitate healing, growth and development. Everyone should walk away from this experience with firsthand knowledge of how to utilize the power of your Divine and spiritual nature as a basis for all of life’s experiences.

Iyanla's style is powerful and inspirational, which will  move people at Celebrate Your Life!  Take a peek at a segment of her new show: Iyanla Fix My Life, starting on the OWN Network (Oprah Winfrey Network), series premiere on September 15th at 10/9c. This is called "Why Iyanla Vanzant Says to Tell the Truth to Get What You Want", where these wonderful ladies work to heal....

Why Iyanla Vanzant Says to Tell the Truth to Get What You Want

When she was a child, Bernetta lived with her mother, Brenda, and her grandmother, Corrine, the woman she says raised her. Now, Brenda wants the mother-daughter relationship she and Bernetta never had. Watch as Iyanla Vanzant sits down with this family to address unspoken anger and explain why you have to tell the truth to receive the treatment and respect you desire.

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