Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Toe Reading - What Can Ya Tell Me?

What in the world do your TOES have to tell you about YOUR LIFE??

KC Miller
Don’t be surprised that when you sit down with KC Miller that she begins to tell you the story of your life just from looking at your toes!  That’s right!  What do your soles say about your soul? KC Miller is an extraordinary woman who created a powerful tool to delve into people’s life story by looking at their toes.  She calls this Toe Reading!  It is not only fluff and fun, but while doing a reading KC teaches you how your personality could navigate more smoothly through life’s challenges.  KC is not only the creator of this wonderful art form, but she is the founder and director of one the nation’s largest accredited colleges for Holistic Studies with courses and degrees offered online.  KC and her team of Toe Readers will be at the Celebrate Your Life conference in Chicago on June 8 – 10 demonstrating Toe Reading for conference attendees!  Along with Toe Reading, KC will teach two workshops that are definitely not to be missed!  Find out more information on KC and her workshops by visiting:  www.CelebrateYourLife.ORG

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