Thursday, April 5, 2012

Farewell to our Beloved Pat Rodegast

It is with great sadness that I share with you the departure of one of the finest spiritual teachers of our time, Pat Rodegast. Pat transitioned yesterday, April 4th.

For over 30 years, Pat Rodegast channeled a spiritual guide
named Emmanuel. Many of you remember Pat from Celebrate Your Life. She was a regular presenter for many years.  Emmanuel's gentle loving and truthful wisdom always rang true to my soul.

In 1984, Ram Dass discovered Pat and Emmanuel while listening to a radio show and was quite taken with their work.  Ram Dass wrote the forward for Pat's first book, called Emmanuel's Book. 

My mother, Ariel, immediately resonated with Emmanuel's messages. The book fell out of the bookshelf in a store and landed at her feet. After reading the book, she sent a copy to me in LA where I was living.  I was 26 years old. She told me to read it with my heart, not my head. Just a few months after reading the book, Pat came to LA for an evening lecture followed by a full day workshop. I attended the evening lecture but did not have money for the full day event.  I begged the coordinators to volunteer for the full day but they did not have room for me.

Early the next morning I received a phone call.  The event coordinators had someone gift them a ticket and I was first on the list.  I went to the workshop and sat for 8 hours in a fold out metal chair completely silent, motionless and mesmerized. My mind was still and my heart was soaring. I will always remember how my soul celebrated that day as I listened to the truth of this human existence from Emmanuel.

My mother and I continued to follow Emmanuel and Pat's work and then one amazing day, we received an exciting phone call.

My mom and I had already started Mishka Productions.  This was around 1998. The woman on the other end introduced herself as Cheryl and shared with us that she lived in Arizona with her family and her mother-in-law who came to visit them quite often was an author.  She wanted to know if we wanted to do an event with her mother-in-law. Cheryl then said "I don't know if you have ever heard of her, but her name is Pat Rodegast and she channels a spirit guide called Emmanuel." Ariel and I started to cry, we were over joyed and could not believe what we were hearing.

One thing led to another and naturally we began working with Pat and Emmanuel. It was a love affair in heart and soul. We all became dear dear friends and most especially Ariel and Pat.  They were two stunningly gentle sage women.

I am certain that Ariel and Pat are celebrating together, honoring their lives in human form and drinking a delicious glass of red wine.

Here's to you Pat. You gave me a path to love when I was in great fear.  I love you.

In honor of Pat, we ask that you visit her Facebook page and share messages with her family and friends.  Click here for the Pat and Emmanuel page.

"Death is like taking off a tight show. Even when you're dead, you are still alive.  You do not cease to exist at death. That is only illusion." - Emmanuel 


  1. Wow, I only just found this as I was quoting Emmanuel and wondering what Pat and Emmanuel were up to these days. I so love these teachings. A stranger introduced me to the work back in the 80's and it has been with me ever since. I was lucky indeed to attend a workshop in the Boston area. Thank you for helping get the word out.

  2. I was about 15 years old when we lived in Westport CT. I thought it was quite strange that my mother attended meetings where a channeled entity (Emmanuel!) Spoke. About 10 years later I started to borrow my mother's Emmanuel books. They had a profound effect on my spiritual growth. My mother passed on February 18th 2012. Maybe these great ladies are all having a good laugh together now? :)

  3. I, too, just found this as I was thinking of Pat and Emmanuel. These books gave me profound comfort and I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to thank Pat in person at Kripalu in 2005. I shared the books with my mom and they provided such a loving and luminous context to talk about the end of a physical existence and the eternal continuity of our reality as spirit. Thank you so much for this lovely post, and thank you Pat for bringing Emmanuel to a world in such great need of his message!

  4. I recently rediscovered my Emmanuel books while reading Polishing The Mirror by Ram Dass. The second I read the word Emmanuel, I went to find his books on the shelves, and haven't put them down since. Loved finding this site, and knowing Pat is also celebrating life after life! Paula

  5. Charlotte January 18 2016
    It is wonderful to hear that Pat & Emmanuel continue teaching. Before Pat went home we collaborated on a book which we finished in 2004. Meridith Glabman, Val Giglio have published this book which can now be purchased on Amazon. It is called Emmanuels Book, Voices of Truth. These are questions asked by children and answered by Emmanuel. We have other projects in the works so please feel free to contact me

  6. Charlotte S. Hunter

    wrong date I meant January 18, 2018